Troubleshooting: While testing live chat on my local HTML page in I.E, the Close chat and Start chat again function don’t work. Why?

April 22nd, 2018 | Troubleshooting FAQ


I’m testing live chat on my local HTML page in I.E. Everything is fine while I am testing the chatting functions on the embedded chat window. However, when I end the chat and try to click the X icon to close the chat window, the window just stays open and doesn’t minimize itself. Also, the Start chat again link doesn’t seem to be working. They work perfectly on Google Chrome though.

Cross out Test Chat Window in IE


For local HTML files, different browsers have different security levels. To protect your local data, Microsoft Internet Explorer has a more strict security policy, resulting in more restrictions to running local HTML files.


Comm100 provides Preview page for clients to perform tests. You can utilize the preview page for test purpose. For details of how you can access the preview page, please click here.

Apart from using the preview page, you can try uploading your local file to your web server and test live chat with internet connection; or you can also use Google Chrome under which live chat on local HTML page is fully functional.

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