09/28/2017 | Release Updates – How will current customers be affected by Comm100’s new design upgrades?

September 8th, 2017 |

We are delighted to bring our upgraded chat buttons, chat windows and chat invitations to our shared server clients. Click here to read our blog post and explore the new design upgrade in details.

For our current customers, the majority of your settings will be unchanged. This article shows what changes will be put in place for you after we release our new version.

Changes on Chat Window

  1. The old three Message Styles are longer available. Our brand new chat window designs are Classic, Circle and Bubble. After the update, your chat window will be displayed as Classic style. Any agent avatars will be displayed in a circle instead of a square. Your header settings will stay the same.

    Video Side Improvement Chat Window
  2. The option to Set Window Title will be removed when you are using the Embedded Chat Window. This is because the new chat window gives you a neat and clean look without a title. You can still set the window title if Popup Chat Window is enabled.

    Video Side Improvement Chat Window
  3. Options for Visitors

    We have removed two little-used options for visitors to achieve a cleaner look and limit functionality to only that which is most useful to your visitors.

    We have removed the option Visitors’ names can be set during chatting. Once visitors set their name in pre-chat, it rarely needs to be amended. Agents can still amend visitor names if necessary.

    We have also removed the option to Enable sound alert with its sound selection toggle. Visitors who do not wish to hear sound alerts can still adjust this through their own browser or system settings.

    Video Side Improvement Chat Window
  4. Chat Window with Customized CSS Style

    The Send button for sending messages is being replaced with a simplified icon. Any customized CSS styles for the old Send button, such as font size, background, and height, will no longer be available

    Video Side Improvement Chat Window

Live Chat on Your Mobile Website

  1. We have a new Mobile View for customizing the chat button on mobile websites. If your current mobile website does not use a responsive chat button, you will get a text type chat button by default after release. Your chat button will automatically switch to a responsive design when visitors access your site from mobile devices.

    Video Side Improvement Mobile Chat Window
  2. We now have an Embedded Chat Window on mobile website. This means after your visitors clicking on the Chat Button, the chat window stays on the same page where your visitor initiate the chat, instead of having it popup in a new web page. The mobile Chat Window type shares the same setting as desktop.

    Video Side Improvement Mobile Chat Window
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