How to set up Comm100 Live Chat Webhooks?

December 15th, 2018 | API & Webhooks

Comm100 Live Chat Webhooks are HTTP(S) callbacks that occur when a certain live chat event takes place. Webhooks enable you to extend the capabilities of Comm100 Live Chat. For example, you can record chats in your own system by utilizing Comm100 Live Chat Webhooks. Best of all, setting up Comm100 Live Chat Webhooks is easy.

Live Chat Events for Webhooks

You can set up webhooks for 4 different live chat events: Chat Started, Chat Ended, Chat Wrapped-Up and Offline Message Submitted. As soon as a chat starts or ends, or an offline message is submitted, the live chat data is sent to a designated URL (a web application).

Event Data Sent to Your Server

After Comm100 Live Chat Webhooks are set up and a certain event occurs, live chat data is sent to the specified URL. Click the links below to view the types of data you’ll have access to in each live chat event.

Add Webhooks to Your Account

  1. Log in to your Comm100 Live Chat control panel and click the Integrations & API menu.
    Live Chat Integrations
  2. Click on Webhooks, and then click New Webhook.
    Set up Webhooks
  3. Choose the event type and provide the Target URL to which the event data will be sent.
  4. Note: Comm100 Live Chat Webhooks support both HTTP and HTTPS URLs.

    Webhooks Event Type and Target URL

    Click OK to save all the settings.

Then, you’ll get the callback when the selected event occurs.