How to put Comm100 Live Chat on a fixed position of a Drupal site?

March 2nd, 2016 | Setup & Getting Started

When installing Comm100 Live Chat onto your site built by Drupal, you may want to put the chat button on a fixed position link the header or footer of your site. Read the steps below and you will be able to accomplish it within minutes.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Install Comm100 Live Chat plugin to your Drupal;

  2. Go to Comm100 tab to get the code;

    Get Live Chat Code in Comm100 Tab

    Note: If you didn’t see the code, please follow the steps as below.

    1. Click the link marked as below to change the type of your chat button;
      Click Help Link
    2. Change the type of your chat button to the place where you install the code and go to the Installation menu to get the code.
      Choose Static Image Position
  3. Go to Blocks in Structure;
    Blocks in Structure
  4. Click Add Block to create a new block for Live Chat;
    Add Block for Live Chat
  5. Input the information of the block and paste the code on to the block body;

    Note: Please select Full HTML as Text format.

    Choose Full HTML
  6. Specify on which position of your theme and on which specific pages the block should be displayed;
    Select Chat Button Position
  7. Save block and you can preview Live Chat on your website.
  8. Static Chat Button Show on Drupal
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