How to Integrate Comm100 Live Chat with GoToMeeting

March 2nd, 2016 | Settings & Customizations

Comm100 Live Chat GoToMeeting Integration enables you to start screen sharing in live chat and provides remote assistance. You can integrate your Comm100 Live Chat with GoToMeeting with just a few clicks. Follow the guide below to set the integration up.

Enable Live Chat GoToMeeting Integration

  1. Log into your Comm100 account.
  2. Click Integrations & API on the left menu.
    Comm100 Live Chat Plugins
  3. Click on the GoToMeeting icon to enable the integration.
    Enable GoToMeeting Integration

Set up GoToMeeting Account in Live Chat

Each agent that wishes to launch GoToMeeting directly from his/her live chat console need to finish this step.

  1. Log into Agent Console where you chat with and monitor your site visitors.
  2. Move your mouse to Preference and click Others under Live Chat.
    Other Settings in Agent Console
  3. Provide your GoToMeeting account information.
    Enter GoToMeeting Login Info

    You can click Test Connection to test whether you’ve got your GoToMeeting and Comm100 Live Chat account linked successfully.

  4. Click OK to finish the setup.

Start Screen Sharing in Live Chat

After the integration is set up, a screen sharing icon will appear on your chat console, allowing you to straight launch GoToMeeting and start screen sharing in live chat.

Request Screen Sharing

When you click on the icon, a link will be directly sent to the visitor you’re chatting with for him/her to join the screen sharing session.

Meeting Link shown in Chat Window
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