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How to Add Comm100 Live Chat to Your Drupal Website?

Comm100 Live Chat Drupal Plugin enables you to easily add a live chat button to each page of your Drupal website. Follow the guide below to set the integration up and chat with your online visitors in real time.

Install Com100 Live Chat Drupal Plugin

  1. Download Comm100 Live Chat Drupal Plugin;
  2. Log into your Drupal website admin panel, go to the Modules tab and click Install new module;
    Blocks in Structure
  3. Upload the plugin downloaded in Step 1 and click Install to get the plugin installed.
    Install Live Chat Drupal Plugin

Activate Comm100 Live Chat Drupal Plugin

  1. Enable newly added modules and the page goes back to the Modules tab;
    Enable Newly Added Chat Module
  2. Find the Comm100 Live Chat module, check it and click Save configuration to enable the module;
    Save Configuration

    There you can see a Comm100 tab where you can proceed the next steps.

  3. Go to the Comm100 tab and link up your Comm100 Live Chat account. You can create a new one if you’re new to Comm100;

Now you have successfully added a chat button to each page of your website. Click Get online and chat with your visitors and you can see your chat button shows online and visitors can click on it to start chatting with you instantly.

Yet you don’t necessarily have to go back to your Drupal admin panel every time to chat with your visitors. You can easily get online through our apps applicable on both PCs and mobile devices. Click here to download the live chat apps

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