How to customize the manual-invitation (with a predefined message on it)?

April 22nd, 2018 | Settings & Customizations

With the manual-invitation, you can manually invite a visitor on your website to chat with you.

You can customize the invitation according to your needs, including choosing an image that best fits your website, pre-defining a personalized message which is sent along with the invitation, uploading your own invitation image and etc.​

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into your Comm100 account.

  2. Click Campaign from the left menu bar.
    Live Chat Campaign Main Menu
  3. Go to Invitation, click Customize under Manual Invitation

    Customize Manual Invitation
  4. Select the invitation image from our gallery or upload your own image from your computer, change the position where the invitation will appear, and customize your invitation message.

    Customize Manual Invitation

    Note: If you are using Bubble or Greeting Message in Chat Window invitation style, Set Invitation Message is the only option avaiable for editing manual invitation .

  5. Click Ok.

  6. Click Save Changes. The settings and ​the changes will take effect immediately. Moreover, every time when you manually invite visitors to chat with you, you can edit the invitation message before sending out the invitation.

  7. Note: If you want to use your own invitation image, make sure it has a close area (e.g. a close button). Then you can place the close mask on that area so that the invitation window can be closed when your visitor clicks on it.

    After uploading the image, click Show Advanced Options to adjust the close area.

    Advanced Manual Invitation Customization Options

    Now you will see two masks appear on the image. You can drag the mask area to put your Close area and Text area on the right position. By dragging the lower-right corner, you are able to re-size the mask area.

    Put Close and Text Areas in Right Position

    Rule-based auto chat invitation is also available when you want to send chat invitation to a certain group of visitors automatically.