How to Add/Change Your Knowledge Base Logo

May 15th, 2019 |

Adding a new logo to your knowledgebase or changing the existing one is fairly easy. Follow the few simple steps below to upload your logo.

  1. Login to your Comm100 Control Panel
  2. Go to KB > Design and Click Category Page .
  3. design menu
  4. Locate div class="header__logo" and replace the img src path with the URL of your logo. Default src path is img src=/kb/resources/your_logo.png .
  5. Edit Page

    Note: Add width and height atribute if your logo requires further adjustment.

  6. Do the same for Article Page, Search Results Page and 404 Page(Page Not Found).
  7. Edit pages
Here is a sample code for you
<div class="header__logo">
<img src="" width="70" height="50"/></div>
Here is the result
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