How to add Comm100 Live Chat onto a Wix Website?

April 30th, 2018 | Setup & Getting Started

Comm100 Live Chat can be used on Wix Sites. This article walks you through the steps to set up Comm100 Live Chat on your Wix site.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into your Wix site account and go to My Account.

  2. Click Manage & Edit Site.

    Manage and Edit Wix Site
  3. Click Edit Site.

    Edit Wix Site
  4. Click on Go To Editor.

    Click editor Button in Wix
  5. Click the Add button, Scroll down and select HTML iFrame.

    Click Add Button in Wix
  6. Click Enter Code button.

    Click Apps in Wix
  7. Paste Comm100 Live Chat code .

    Paste Live Chat Code and Update
  8. Click Apply, and you can see the Live Chat button on your webpage. Then you can drag and drop the chat button as you like.

    Wix Chat Button
  9. Click Save to save your work and click Publish to make your site online.

Now, Comm100 Live Chat is successfully embedded into your Wix Site. Visitors can chat with you in real time by clicking on the chat button.