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How to Add Comm100 Live Chat to Your Magento Website?

March 2nd, 2016 | Setup & Getting Started

Comm100 Live Chat Magento Plugin enables you to quickly add a chat extension to your Magento website.

Add Com100 Live Chat Magento Extension

  1. Log into your Magento admin panel and go to Magento Connect Manager under System;
    Magento Connect Manager
  2. Get the extension key of Comm100 Live Chat Magento Plugin;
    Live Chat Plugin Extension Key
  3. Enter the key acquired from Step 2 and click Install.
    Install Live Chat Magento Plugin

A new extension named Comm100 will appear in the admin panel when the installation is finished.

Link up Your Comm100 Live Chat Account

  1. Go to Comm100 tab in your admin panel;
  2. Enter your Comm100 Live Chat account information and click Link up to connect the live chat account with your Magento website. You can create a new account if you’re new to Comm100.
    Link up Comm100 Live Chat Account

Now you have successfully added a chat button to each page of your website. You can either log into your live chat console via our web app or download our desktop/mobile apps to chat with visitors.


  • If there’re multiple campaigns in your live chat account, you will be asked to select one plan you want to use on your website. ​
  • If you want to place your chat button in a fixed position on your Magento website, view the step by step guide. ​
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