How do I use the @Mentions feature in Comm100 Ticket?

July 20th, 2018 | Comm100 Ticket

When you are working on a ticket, you may need to get other agents involved if you want them to follow up with a case and reach out to the customer. The @Mentions feature in Comm100 Ticket system allows you to collaborate with other agents more efficiently and keep them in the loop by using a simple @ symbol in your ticket Note field.

Mention Site Agents with @ Symbol in Note Field

  1. Go to the Ticket list.

  2. Click on the ticket you want to add note.

  3. Switch to Note field.

    Note Field
  4. Type @ to bring up the list of agents in your account.

    Mentoned Agent List
  5. Select the agent name from the agent list.

  6. Complete your message, then click Add button.

    Click Add Button
  7. A note with @Mentions has been added.

    Note Metioned Added


  1. The @mentioned agent can view, edit and reply the ticket regardless of whether they have the correct permissions or not.
  2. You can @mention multiple agents in one note.
  3. If you @mention to other agents, their name is highlighted in Blue. The @mention to you is highlighted in Red.
    Note Metioned Added

Get Notified When You Have Been @Mentioned

We have created a default @Mentions Filter to display all the open tickets in which you have been mentioned. You can further customize this Filter as per your needs. A new @Mentions Condition has been added for you search with this filter.

@mentions Filter

When you are @mentioned in a ticket note, an @ icon will be displayed in Filters List and Ticket List. It allows you to get notified and to easily locate the ticket that requires your attention.

@mentions Icons