How do I create an Auto Update?

September 12th, 2018 | Comm100 Ticket

With the Comm100 Ticketing system, you can create multiple Auto Update rules based on various conditions, which allows you to update ticket assignee, ticket status and status, etc.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into the Control Panel and go to the Ticket module.

  2. Go to Settings then Auto Update

    ticket settings
  3. Click New Auto Update to set up a rule.

    New Auto Update
  4. Set a name for the auto update rule and check Enable it.

    Name Auto Update
  5. Specify the Conditions for the auto-update rule to be triggered.

    Condition Auto Update

    Note: You can add more conditions by clicking More Conditions if necessary. If you want to automatically assign a newly created ticket to an
    agent, the triggered event should be defined as “When a ticket is created”.

  6. Set value for field. You can click Set More Fields to add additional fields.

  7. Set Value
  8. Save your settings.

You have successfully configured the auto-update rule. Now your tickets will be automatically updated based on your predefined conditions.

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