How do I manage permissions for existing agents or groups?

Manage individual agent permissions

If you are a Site Administrator or have permission to manage agents, you can allow or revoke certain agent permissions.

Note: A site administrator by default owns all the permissions.

  1. Click Agents in the My Account portal.
  2. Manage Agents
  3. Click the gear icon on right side of an agent to access the permission page.
  4. Set Operator Permissions
  5. By default an agent will have Accept Chats, View Chat Transcripts & Offline Messages, Manage Private Canned Messages, View Reports, Refuse Chats, Invite Visitors to Chat, Join Chats, Transfer Chats, Monitor My Departments’ Chats, Capture, Chat with Other Agents in Live Chat and Manage My profile permission under Account Tab. You can allow/remove certain permissions for an agent from this setting here.
  6. Set Live Chat Permission for Agent
  7. Save.

Manage group permissions

  1. In My Account module go to Agents>Groups.
  2. Click the gear(Set agent group permission) icon and add/remove permssisons to the agent group.
  3. Save.

Important: An agent will inherit permissions both from the agent and group permissions i.e if Goerge is a member of Group 01, he will inherit all the permissions from Permisson Settings Of Agent “Goerge” and Permission Settings Of Agent Group “Group 01”.

Agent Permission = Individual permissions + Group permissions

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