Getting Started with Comm100 Chatbot

June 5th, 2018 | Chatbot Management

Comm100 ‘s Chatbot is an automated service that is designed to answer your customer’s questions. It acts like your human live chat agents, helping your customers with simple queries in an efficient manner.

Comm100’s Chatbot is an add-on feature with an additional cost. Please contact our sales team to find out more about pricing.

This tutorial, as structured below, is designed to walk you through steps to begin using Comm100’s Chatbot.

New Chatbot Request

Contact your sales agent or account manager to help you activate Chatbot. You’ll need to tell our team what language you’d like Chatbot to operate in. After the feature is enabled in your account, you can start creating your first new Chatbot.

You can also request a new Chatbot as follows:

  1. Log into your Comm100 account.
  2. Go to Bot module, then Bot menu, and finally click New Bot Request.
    Click New Bot Request
  3. A Pop-up window appears. Fill in the required information, and let us know if you would like to Create Chatbot from Chat Transcript.
    New Bot Request
  4. Submit the request.
    New Bot Request Submitted
  5. After we process the request, a new Chatbot will be created.
    New Bot Request Submitted

Enable Comm100 Chatbot for your Campaign

By default, a new Chatbot isn’t attached to any campaign. You can Choose a Campaign to associate with that Chatbot.

  1. Click Campaign from the left menu list;
    Live Chat Campaign Main Menu

    Note: If you have multiple campaigns, please double check the name of the campaign in the upper-right corner of the page and make sure that you’re customizing the correct campaign.

  2. Click on Bot menu and Enable it.
    Enable Chatbot
  3. Selected the Chatbot you want to use for that campaign from the Chatbot for Campaign Drop-down list.

Chatbot Configuration

Chat with Agent Button

Whenever your visitors are chatting with Chatbot but they would like to chat with a real agent, they can click on this button to seek further help. You can choose to show this button on your Chat Window for your visitor to talk to your agent at any time. Two positions are available for you to select from, which are Above the input area and Left side of toolbar with chat bubble. The text on the button which reads Chat with Agent can also be customized.

Chat with Agent Button
When Chat Requests Will Be Distributed to Chatbot

To optimize your chat acceptance, you can select when the chat request should be distributed to Chatbot based on the chat queue length or a defined probability.

Chat  Request Distributed to Chatbot

Only when queue length reaches 2 means when there is one visitor waiting in queue, the second queued chat request will be distributed to Chatbot. Note that this option only works when you’re set up to accept chat requests automatically.

Probability of being distributed to Chatbot: 50% means after a visitor initiates the request, there is a 50% chance that this chat request will be distributed to Chatbot.

When none of your agents are online, you can also assign chat to your Chatbot.

Chatbot Sensitivity

Clicking on the Advanced menu will extend the options for you to change Chatbot’s Sensitivity which determines how your Chatbot handles requests based on the confidence it has that it’s delivering the right answers. The sensitivity score range is from 0 to 100 and can be manually adjusted. This will change the score range of the returned “High Confidence Answers”, “Possible Answers” and “No Match Score Answers”. What is Chatbot Sensitivity.

Chatbot Sensitivity
Customize Name and Avatar

Go to the Chatbot that you have just created under the Bot module, click on the Chatbot Name and you can configure settings for a specific Chatbot.

You can define your own Chatbot Name and upload a customized image as the Avatar of your Chatbot.

Chatbot Name and Avatar Customization
Greeting Message

The Greeting message is a pre-defined message which is sent by your Chatbot once the chat is started. Each Chatbot can have its own automatic greeting message.

Chatbot Greeting Message
Chatbot Send Different Messages Based On Its Answer Scenarios

Greeting message is a pre-defined message which is sent by your Chatbot once the chat is started. Each Chatbot can have its own auto greeting message.

When Chatbot returns an answer to your visitor, but the visitor rates it as Not Helpful, it can send a message with an apology and a suggestion to switch to a human agent.

When Chatbot provides Possible Answers for a visitor a number of consecutive times, it can send a message to recommend the human agent support.

You can set up whether Chatbot should include the Chat with Agent button in above situations.

Chatbot Messages

Manage Chatbot Intents and Entities

Intents are the purposes or goals that a user wants to use a chatbot for, such as booking a flight, paying a bill, or finding a news article. To create your own chatbot questions base, you can add your own prepared Questions and Answers.

Chatbot Intents
Create New Intents

This helps you to create most frequently asked questions and their answers. To create a new intent in this repository, follow the following steps:

  1. Click on New Intent.
  2. Enter a question which might be asked by your visitor as Intent.
  3. Select a Category for the questions.
  4. Click on New Question to add Questions. You can define multiple questions based on your Intent.
  5. Set up the Response to the questions. You can include images and videos in the response.
  6. Click on the Options button to extend more options: If require visitors to sign in before Chatbot responds to the intent and If notify agents when Chatbot responds to the intent.
  7. Click Save changes.
    Add Questions for Chatbot
Chatbot Entities

A Chatbot Entity contains detailed information that is relevant to a visitor’s purpose and helps you extract a data type from the visitor’s questions. The data can be a name, product name, date or any group of words.

Comm100 provides some common Prebuilt Entities such as temperature, ordinal, email, and phone number. You can also Import your own Entities. On the Import Entities page, you can download and check a sample file before importing Entities.

Chatbot Entities
Chatbot Learning

You can check the questions which are asked by visitors but don’t have High Confidence Answers. This can help you enrich and optimize your Intent base. You can include one visitor-asked-question in your question base either by adding to a new intent, or by adding it as a similar question of an existing intent.

Chatbot Questions Learning

If you need any further assistance to help you get started with our self-learning AI powered Chatbot, feel free to Chat with us now!

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