Why can’t I login to my Comm100 Account?

February 28th, 2019 |

This article will help you troubleshoot login issues with Comm100. It will outline the cause of these problem and put forth some potential solutions.

Issue you are experiencing

You are receiving an email or password is wrong error message while trying to login to your Comm100 account or Agent Console.

email or password wrong
Possible Cause
  1. The Email/Password entered does not match with the Email/Password set for your account.
  2. For private server and on-premise clients if you are getting this error it can also mean that you are trying to get access using the wrong login URL or the wrong version of the desktop app.
Potential Solution
  1. Have your team check that the email address you are entering is the same one associated with your account in Comm100? This can be found from My Account > Agents .
  2. If you still get this error, reset your password by clicking the Forgot Password button. Your Comm100 account Administrator also has the right to reset the Passwords of agents.
  3. If you are on a Private server/on-premise , get the correct URL from your team. For the desktop/mobile app, download it directly from your Comm100 Control panel.
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