04/06/2017 | Dynamic Campaign, Custom JavaScript for Chat Window, Estimated Wait Time and More (On Cloud Platform)

April 6th, 2017 | Release & Updates
  1. Dynamic Campaign: Display Different Chat Buttons and Windows for Different Visitors

    With Dynamic Campaign, you can define rules to display different chat buttons, pre-chat surveys, chat windows, etc. for different visitors, and route them to different agents or departments. This enables you to provide more personalized service to your customers.

    Dynamic Campaign

    For example, you can display different pre-chat surveys to collect different information from website visitors and paying customers.

    Please note that you need to paste the live chat code for dynamic campaigns onto the webpage where you want to use the feature.

  2. Custom JavaScript for Chat Window

    You can use custom JavaScript to fully control what your chat window looks like.

    • Display what you want your visitors to see when they are waiting in the queue. For example, you can show your knowledge base, company banner or ads while your visitors are waiting.
    custom javascript for chat window

    The screenshot is the queue message of our customer G2A

  3. Estimated Wait Time in the Queue Message

    An estimated wait time will be shown to a visitor in your queue, keeping him/her informed of how long he/she might have to wait before being connected to an agent.

    Estimated Wait Time
  4. File Transfer on Mobile Devices

    Visitors can now send files to agents while chatting on mobile devices.

    visitor send files mobile
  5. Responsive Chat Button on Mobile Devices

    You can customize a chat button that is to be used specifically on mobile devices, which can be entirely different from that which appears on PCs.

    responsive chat button
  6. New Metric: Last Message Sent by Agent

    • We have added the Last Message Sent by Agent metric in the Efficiency and Agent Performance reports for you to gain the total chats where it’s Agent, not Visitor, who sends the last message before a chat ends.
    • We have added Last Message Sent by search condition which allows you to search for chats based on the person who sends the last message of a chat.

      Search Chats by Last Message Sent
  7. Advanced Mode of Wrap-up Category

    The Advanced Mode of Wrap-Up category allows you to add option groups to the Category field. You can select multiple options under each option group when wrapping up a chat. The statistics of the option groups is also available in the Wrap-Up report.

    Option Groups for Wrap-Up Category
  8. New Permission Option: Monitor My Departments’ Chats

    We have added a new permission option which allows agents to monitor only their departments’ chats. You can now set whether an agent can monitor all chats or only the chats of his/her departments.

    Permission of Monitoring Chats
  9. Customization of the Subject of Chat Transcript Email

    • You can now customize the subject of chat transcript emails which are sent to visitors through a quick link on the Chat Window page.

      Customize Subject of Transcript Emails Sent to Visitors
    • You can now customize the subject of chat transcript emails which are automatically sent to your pre-defined email accounts.

      Customize Subject of Transcript Emails Sent for Archiving
  10. Option of Leaving Chat after Transfer

    We have added the option for you to automatically leave a chat when the chat is transferred to another agent or department.

    Leave Chat after Transfer
  11. Custom Variable Information in Offline Message

    Visitor information captured through Custom Variables is displayed in the details of an offline message. The information is available to you no matter whether you view offline messages in your email inbox or in Comm100’s control panel.

    Custom Variable Information in Offline Messages
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