1/8/2020 | Release Updates- Live Chat and Bot Upgrade

December 31st, 2019 | Release & Updates

Paste images into Live Chat directly
Your visitors can now paste images from their clipboard directly into the text editor of the live chat field. There will be a preview thumbnail of the picture after pasting the image which they can send by either pressing the Enter key or clicking the Send button. Previously, this feature was only available to agents.

paste img

Canned Messages for Campaigns
If you use our multiple campaigns feature to deliver different chat experiences, you’ll love the ability to create unique canned message sets for each campaign. We’ve added a new Canned Message tab under Campaigns where you can assign one or multiple public canned message root categories which will only be available for specific campaigns. This feature is not available for private canned message categories.

link canned

Captcha verification for Live Chat
To prevent unwanted spam and save your agent’s time, we’ve added captcha verification as an option for pre-chat surveys. When enabled, all visitors must complete captcha verification before they can start chatting with your agents.


Limits on Live Chat Queues
To give you control over your Live Chat Queue lengths we’ve added the option to Limit chat queue lengths under Campaign> Chat Window > Advanced. Once the threshold set there is reached, visitors will see a customizable message and will be unable to enter the existing Queue.

limit queue

Sound Notification Repeat
When Auto Accept Chat is not enabled, Incoming Chat sound notification will ring repeatedly for a new chat until it is accepted.

Live Chat Permissions
We’ve added the following permissions to give you more control over how much access your agents have in the system.

  • View all ongoing chats under visitors tab in the Agent Console
  • View my own chat transcripts and offline messages.
  • Send my own chat transcripts and offline messages to specific email address.
  • Attach my own chat transcripts and offline messages to tickets.
  • View all in site visitors in agent console.
  • View all agents in agent console.

Shopify Integration improvement
By default, orders under the current visitor’s account will show in the Shopify tab. You can also search with an email address to check if there is any order under that email in your store.

email search

Smarter Chatbot Learning
AI Chatbot can direct its own learning. Questions matched to an intent with a confidence score higher than 80 will be automatically suggested as question variants for that intent. You will be asked to Review and Confirm these suggestions before they are added to the intent.

learning review
review & confirm

New AI Chatbot Intent Usage Report
New Bot Usage report will help you understand which Intents and Intent Categories are used most often by your Chatbot. This will help you understand the questions it gets asked most frequently and guide your chatbot’s improvement.

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