How to use Comm100 Agent Assist

May 21st, 2019 | Chatbot Management

Comm100 Agent Assist is an AI-powered virtual assistant that helps your agents respond to customer queries more quickly, more accurately and more confidently than ever before. This article will explain how to set up and start using Agent Assist:

How to Enable Agent Assist

  1. Login to your Comm100 Control Panel. Navigate to the Bot tab and Enable Agent Assist: Agent Assist> General Settings
  2. enable agent assist 01
  3. Select the Language for Agent Assist to provide answers in.
  4. select language
  5. Choose the Suggestion Sources you want Agent Assist to provide answers from.
  6. suggestion source

    Note: Canned Messages in Live Chat> Campaign need to be turned on for the campaign to which bot has been assigned to, and canned messages categories should be selected.

  7. Input Agent Assist Score and select the maximum number of Suggestions Agent Assist will show for a single question. Learn more about score here.
  8. agent assist score

    How Agent Assist Works

    Answer suggestions will appear in the Agent Console
    When a question is asked, Agent Assist will give agents suggestions based on matching results from your Comm100 Knowledge Base Articles, Canned Messages and Chatbot Intents. Agents can preview the answers by hovering over the suggestions. A single click on the suggested canned messages and knowledge base articles to populate the typing field with the response. Double click on suggestions to send the answers out instantly.

    send answer

    If visitors send multiple messages in a row, you can pick which message you want Agent Assist to show suggestions for. Simply hover over the question you want responses for and click the Show Agent Assist Suggestions option.

    answer previous questions

    Hovering over visitor questions also allows Agents to send the question to the Agent Assist Learning if they feel that this question needs a help resource created for it, or existing help resources are insufficient.

    Adding Synonyms for different keywords is how you help Agent Assist recognize different words/phrases with the same meaning. One keyword can have multiple synonyms. Add as many as possible to ensure Agent assist gets the correct meaning when a question is asked.

    Adding Synonyms

    Agent Assist Learning
    All questions flagged by Agents end up in the Learning section. Here Users can use these questions to guide the creation of new Knowledge Base Articles, Canned Messages or Chatbot Intents. If a question already has a help resource that should be used in response, Users can use the Learning section to associate that question with that resource so that Agents will receive it as a suggestion the next time a visitor asks the same question.

    How to add visitor questions to existing help resources

    add visitor questions

    You can add/send questions to the learning portal by clicking the + Icon (Add the question to Agent Assist Learning) next to a question while chatting in the Agent Console. If a question is not recognized by the Agent assist it will be added to Learning automatically after the chat ends.

    add/send questions

    You can add new contents (KB, Canned Message and Bot Intents) for the visitor questions in the Learning portal by Clicking the + icon under the Operation column.

    add new contents

    Similarly, you can add a question to the list of Similar Questions for a help resource by clicking the Add as Similar Questions button under the Operation column. This will ensure that the correct resource is suggested when visitors ask this question in the future.

    list of Similar Questions

    You also have the option to add a question to the Similar Questions field in the Canned message or KB article automatically if an Agent uses a suggestion provided by the Agent Assist, but the question does not match any of the existing questions within the similar questions field. To use this, simply enable the feature within the control panel. See below:

    add a question
    add a question
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