05/12/2018 | Release Updates – Co-Browsing and Shopify Integration in Comm100 Live Chat (On Cloud Platform)

December 26th, 2018 | Release & Updates

  1. Co-browsing Feature in Comm100 Live Chat

    Comm100’s Co-Browsing feature allows you to instantly view and interact with a visitor’s web browser with a single click. You’ll be able to easily understand where your visitors are having trouble, and provide live, personalized guidance through complex processes. For additional information, please click here.

    Comm100 Co-browsing
  2. Comm100 Live Chat Shopify Integration

    Comm100’s Live Chat Shopify Integration allows you to set up Comm100 Live Chat in your Shopify store with a few clicks. You’ll be able to view your Shopify store visitors’ cart data and order history in real time, to offer more personal support and improve overall conversion rates. For more information about our Live Chat Shopify Integration, please click here.

    Comm100 Live Chat Shopify Integration
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