06/09/2017 | Release Updates – Comm100 Chatbot (On Cloud Platform)

December 26th, 2018 | Release & Updates

Comm100’s new Chatbot allows visitors to interact with a bot, inside our regular chat interface.


Our Chatbot is easily customizable with question and answer sets which allow it to handle basic customer queries, allowing your chat agents to focus only on more complex queries which Chatbot cannot answer. Chatbot can ‘learn’ to give more effective answers the more it is interacted with.

Visitors can also switch seamlessly between the Chatbot and chats with agents, delivering an AI-enhanced service while also allowing you to continue to serve your customers through agent-led chats.

Our Chatbot is designed to give you a range of benefits, including shorter handle times, lowered service costs, decreased agent training time and extended business hours. For additional details on this feature, please read: Announcing the Launch of Comm100’s Chatbot.

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