08/04/2017 | Chatbot Webhook: Access Your Database to Answer Questions with Detailed Customer Info (On Cloud Platform)

December 26th, 2018 | Release & Updates

We’ve received some great feedback from our customers since the launch of our Chatbot. One common suggestion is whether Chatbot could access their database for customer-specific information, such as customer name, payment, and billing information, to answer customers with more detailed information.

To solve this problem for our customers, we’ve added a Webhook to our Chatbot.

Now, when sending a High Confidence Answer, your Chatbot can access your database to get detailed customer information through your web application, based on the customer and chat data passed from the Comm100 platform.

This allows your Chatbot to answer customer/account-specific questions, providing a more personalized and customized service.

Also, if you have your own question and answer database, using the Webhook removes the need to copy-paste answers from your database to the Chatbot questions base – so you only need to maintain your answers in one place.

Chatbot Webhook

In this release, we’ve also added the ability for links sent through Chatbot to be opened in the current browser window.

Open in New/Current Window

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