Can I view agent performance report?

April 27th, 2018 | Transcripts & Reports

Yes, you can view agent performance report in your account.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Go to the Live Chat module.

  2. Click Agents under Reports on the left menu bar. You can see an overview of agent’s performance here.

    Agents Report

    The agent performance report provides data regarding agents’ overall performance in terms of chat time and wait time within a specific time period. Detailed metrics includes Avg. Chat Time, Avg. Wait Time, Chats, Total Chat Time, Last Message Sent by Agent. This helps you gain an overview of how your agents have performed as a whole.

    Agent performance Report Metrics

    Note: In Enterprise edition, Agent Performance is split into two detailed reports: Workload and Efficiency.

    Workload Report shows utilization through comparing time on chats with idle time.

    Agent Workload Report

    Efficiency Report shows the average response time, wait time and chat time of each agent, department, and the whole live chat team.

    Agent Efficiency Report

    Identifying who your best chat agents are can help you determine who to give greater responsibility to and who to leverage to help train, monitor, and improve the overall performance of your live chat team. Click here to check more live chat reports available in our live chat system.