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Can I edit the interface text of visitor side windows for different wordings?

March 8th, 2016 | Settings & Customizations

Yes, Comm100 Live Chat supports changing the interface text of your visitor side windows including Pre-Chat Window, Chat Window, Post-Chat Window and Offline Message Window. You can either change the text to a different language, or re-define it for different wording according to your own preference.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Log into your Comm100 account;
  2. Click Campaign from the left menu list;
    Customize Live Chat
  3. Click Language;
    Customize Language
  4. Click Advanced and then select Customize the language on the visitor side windows. There, you can edit the interface text to a different wording fitting your preference;
    Change Interface Text to Different Wording
  5. Click Save Changes after completing the adjustments.

There you are. The new settings will take effect immediately. You do not need to re-paste the live chat code to make the change work.

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