05/05/2017 | Audio & Video Chat, Out-of-Beta of Web Version Agent Console in HTML5, and New Desktop App of Agent Console (On Cloud Platform)

December 26th, 2018 | Release & Updates
  1. Audio & Video Chat

    Comm100 Live Chat Audio & Video Chat enables visitors to initiate an audio or video call with a live chat agent with a simple click. No downloads or plugins are required. Visitors and agents can engage in text chat while they are speaking just like in Skype.

    Audio and Video Chat

    Audio & Video Chat helps you speed up resolution, deliver a more personalized chat experience, and establish more trusting relationships with customers. For additional details on this feature, please read: Introducing Audio & Video Chat in Comm100 Live Chat

  2. Out-of-Beta of Wateb Version Agent Console in HTML5

    The web version of Comm100 Live Chat Agent Console in HTML5 is out of beta after a two-month beta testing phase. This production release reflects the improvements on the color contrast of the interface as per clients’ feedback.

    Web Version of Agent Console in HTML5

    To learn more about Comm100 Live Chat Agent Console in HTML5, please read: We Are Switching Comm100 Live Chat Agent Console from Flash to HTML5.

  3. New Desktop App for Comm100 Live Chat Agent Console

    Comm100 Live Chat Desktop App is upgraded to the new version. The old desktop app can still work, but we will stop upgrading or maintaining this version. New features and improvements will only be introduced to the new app. Visit this page to download the new app.

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