What is visitor filter?

March 7th, 2016 | Monitor & Chat

Visitor Filter enables you to display a selected group of visitors on the visitor list according to your needs. There are three options in total to filter your website visitors. They are All Visitors, All Chats, My Chats and Custom Filter.

  • All Visitors: Display all the visitors in your website;

  • All Chats: Display only the visitors who are chatting or waiting for chat;

  • My Chats: Display only the visitors who are waiting for chat or chatting with you.

  • Custom Filter: Display specific visitors in your website based on your custom rules. Custom Filter feature allows you to define a specific search by your own rules so that you can quickly locate the group of visitors you want to target. Visitor data that can be used to create rules includes: Identification Info, Status Info, Geographic Info, Behavioral Info, Source Info, Chat Info, and Custom Variable.

Agents can choose a tab to filter visitors in the Visitor Filter column.

Visitor Filters in Operator Chat Console
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