01/06/2017 | A Brand New Reporting System (On the Cloud Platform)

December 26th, 2018 | Release & Updates

We have redesigned our reporting system to offer industry leading insights on your live chat operation. The new report structure contains 18 independent reports that offer comprehensive organization of data and metrics. In addition, modern visual design and user interaction technologies have been adopted to make your data exploring easy and fun.

Comm100 Live Chat Report - Chat Volume

The main improvements to our reporting system include:

  • A reorganized report structure and 6 new reports to help you more easily acquire comprehensive insights. New reports include Wait Time, Chat Source, Chat Transfer, Manual Invitation, Auto Invitation and Offline Message.
  • Multiple perspectives and filters (at website, department, campaign, or agent level; by hour, day, week, month, or 24/7 distribution) to present data interactively per your individual business needs.
  • New, user-friendly charts and user interaction technologies to enhance data presentation.

To learn more about the new reporting system, read our reporting solution sheet.

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