Group Agents into Departments

You can easily add agents to departments based on their skills so that agents can focus on what they do best. This improves chat efficiency and customer satisfaction. The Comm100 Live Chat Department feature can also greatly reduce training costs for businesses while improving professionalism.

“Departments are set up in the backend and chats can be easily routed to specific departments for targeted communication.”
Birando UK

Wathan Minswe

Director of Finance, Birando UK

Select a Department before Chatting

Display the department option in your pre-chat survey. Visitors can select which department they wish to chat with.

Pre-Chat Survey

Create a Dedicated Chat Button for Department

Set up a dedicated live chat button for a department. Chat requests initiated from that chat button are directly routed to the agents in the corresponding department.

Route Chats by Chat Buttons

Define Advanced Chat Routing by Department

Route an incoming chat to the right department based on pre-defined rules. For example, you can route customers from different regions to the corresponding resellers, partners or teams responsible for those regions.

Advanced Chat Routing by Department

View Reports by Department

Reports are available at the department level. You can learn how each department performs as well as how agents within the same department perform in terms of chat workload, efficiency and quality.

View Reports by Department

Set Permissions by Department

Permissions can be set by department. You can ensure that agents in a certain department can only accept chat requests routed to that department and view that department’s chat transcripts. One agent can be in multiple departments.

Set Permissions by Department

Seek Help from Another Department

Visitors can have all kinds of questions. For instance, you may need to chat with an agent from another department or transfer the chat to an agent in that department. The department feature enables you to easily locate a suitable agent who can help.

Seek for Help from another Department

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