Zip2Tax Saw a 23% Yearly Sales Growth Using Comm100 Live Chat

About Zip2Tax

Zip2Tax provides general sales and use tax rates to retailers doing business across the United States and Canada. The sales tax data is provided via manual online lookup, automated database interface and .CSV tax tables. Zip2Tax has three levels of subscription: ZIP code, ZIP+4, and PinPoint, which breaks down sales and use tax jurisdictions to the actual door step, so customers can get the data they need without paying for more than they will use.

The Challenge

Started up in 2008, Zip2Tax have seen a rapid growth year over year. In the winter of 2010, Zip2Tax realized that their old system of tracking customer issues and requests wasn’t scalable to that level of growth. They also had a hard time of keeping up with the phone calls, voice mails and e-mails. “That’s when we started looking for a live chat solution. Comm100’s ticket system was an added bonus at the time, but it has since become a real godsend,” said Lucinda Rowlands, General Manager at Zip2Tax.

On top of live chat software, Comm100 also offers a support ticket system which enables businesses to effectively manage customer queries from multiple channels, including email, live chat, help desk, web form and phone call. Comm100 Ticket can be seamlessly integrated with Comm100 Live Chat, making it easy to convert live chats or offline messages to tickets for effective follow-up.

The Solution

The decision to use Comm100 came easy. Zip2Tax didn’t do a lot of testing with other vendors. “Comm100 had all the features I could imagine using, more than the competition. Plus, I was offered a long free trial which really helps you make sure you’re getting everything you need,” said Lucinda. After offering the live chat option on the website, Zip2Tax found that many customers as well as casual web site visitors with questions preferred to use live chat rather than make a phone call or wait for an e-mail. “It is a convenient form of instant communication that I prefer myself,” Lucinda added.

Having used Comm100 Live Chat for almost three years, Zip2Tax especially favors two small yet helpful features. “I love that chatters can request a transcript. That makes them feel secure that the answers we’ve provided will be backed up,” explained Lucinda, “I also like that I can decide to require or not require a contact’s personal data. Some people are sensitive to giving out their personal info, so I get more chats if I do not require it.”

The Benefits

Talking about the benefits Comm100 has helped Zip2Tax gain, Lucinda said: “We’ve seen a more than 23% growth in sales year over year, and while 85% of our customers never have any issues, we can rest assured that any customer trying to contact us with a question will be addressed quickly and professionally using Comm100 Live Chat and Ticket.”

“We’ve also seen how current customers have preferred the ease of use of the ‘Leave Offline Message’ feature to contact us when we are not available via phone or chat. I would estimate that 50% of what used to be a voice mail message now comes to us via Offline Message, which is much easier to follow up with,” Lucinda told. Zip2Tax is also using Comm100’s “Web to Ticket” code as a “Contact Us” form on their website and has noticed 10% of contacts coming in through that method.

Besides Live Chat and Ticket, Zip2Tax has also been using Comm100’s email marketing solution, which shows them a 13% increase in monthly newsletter sign-ups. “It’s really nice to have everything coordinated in one package. We have found Comm100 to be very reliable and a great asset to our company. Comm100 has made our customer service much better than before we discovered it,” Lucinda concluded.

Zip2Tax, LLC

Customer Profile

  • Headquarter: Cheyenne, USA
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  • Industry: Financial Services
  • Comm100 Customer: Since 2010
  • Need: Integrated Customer Service Solution
  • The Solution: Comm100 Live Chat + Ticket


“We’ve seen a more than 23% growth in sales year over year and any customer trying to contact us will be addressed quickly and professionally using Comm100 Live Chat and Ticket.”
Lucinda Rowlands

Lucinda Rowlands

General Manager