Comm100 Live Chat Doubled the Order Rate of First Time Customers for YOYBUY


As an international online shopping agent, YOYBUY is founded to help customers from all over the word to easily buy items from China. YOYBUY can assist their customers with the whole shopping process, from ordering to shipping, from communication to payment.

The Challenge

Customer service is one of the most important factors to any business, especially in the online shopping industry. Sometimes, it can be a key differentiator to beat the competitors. YOYBUY need a customer service channel that is both easy to use for their customers and convenient for their service staff.

“Of course, we have been providing service by email and also by phone. But not all clients feel comfortable with using the phone and dialing a Chinese number. And for email, many questions are simply to urgent and can’t wait a few hours to get an answer,” said Marcus Pentzek, Head of Customer Service at YOYBUY.

Online chat came to Marcus’ mind then. YOYBUY tried several popular chat tools such as QQ (very popular in China), MSN Messenger, ICQ and Skype. But good as these tools are, they all share one disadvantage: the customer need to have an account with the tool and need to have the client software installed. “We could not rely that all customers that need fast help would have one of these messengers installed on their computer. We needed a reliable solution that granted fast and individual answers from our customer service staff,” added Marcus.

The Solution

Finally, YOYBUY came to conclusion that a live chat tool that had minimum requirements for the customers was the solution they needed and found Comm100 Live Chat a perfect match. Comm100 Live Chat was YOYBUY’s first try of live chat products. The service team at Comm100 helped YOYBUY successfully install the chat widget into their website and get it up and running in no time. After using for a while, YOYBUY was assured that Comm100 Live Chat did exactly what they want and gave them no reason to make a change.

Our staff likes the interface dealing with the chatting people. It is so easy to switch among different open chats and keep an overview about them.” And as an analytics driven team leader trying to optimize all aspects of the service by analyzing the different levels of customer communication and success rate, Marcus finds the detailed statistics Comm100 provides about the live chat performance especially helpful. “Also, the feedback given by the clients (personally as well as by the rating system from Comm100) shows us that we took the right choice,” said Marcus.

The Benefits

When talking about the benefits Comm100 has brought to YOYBUY, Marcus said: “Since we are using Comm100 Live Chat, the percentage of newly registered customers who placed order has almost doubled. It is simply easier for most customers to click a live chat icon and ask their questions right away than having to start Skype, install QQ or write an email.”

“Our business may look similar like an usual online shop, but the process is a little more complicated for the customers, because we are just an intermediate. So very often we have to rebill for international shipping if the estimated weight of a product and the real weight are different. Many first time customers cannot understand that and cancel buying in the middle of the process,” Marcus further explained.

“But since we put Comm100 into use, more first time customers proceed their order to the end. It really helps to welcome those customers at the very moment when they have problems and get their questions answered right away. Even our old customers use especially the live chat option a lot and give positive feedback about this possibility.”


Customer Profile

  • Headquarter: Beijing, China
  • Website:
  • Industry: Retail, E-Commerce
  • Comm100 Customer: Since 2012
  • Need: Live Chat Software
  • The Solution: Comm100 Live Chat


“Now up to 25% of bookings are dealt with purely online, saving us time and making the process more efficient for customers.”
Marcus Pentzek

Marcus Pentzek

Head of Customer Service