The Water Cooler Company Saw 15% Revenue Growth with 25% Wage Expense Reduction after Using Comm100 Live Chat for 2 Months

About The Water Cooler Company

First established in 2003, The Water Cooler Company has been steadily growing over the years and is now the market leader when it comes to providing water cooling solutions to businesses across the UK. Products the company supplies range from water coolers, water filters, drinking water fountains to remote water chillers.

The Challenge

Since The Water Cooler Company started the business, they had been mainly relying on email and phone for customer support. Customers with questions could leave a message through the contact form on the website and the support team in the company then would follow up with answers via email. It was one of the most common ways of customer support that almost every business adopted. Yet, as many cases took more than one email to close, the sales or support cycle became quite long when all the communications were done by email. Phone support was much more responsive, but it did require a lot of resources and not every customer was happy to call.

We noticed that a lot of people prefer to ask a quick question that will be answered immediately rather than sending an email or making a phone call. Then we thought about adding a live chat function onto our website, with which we can have customers’ questions addressed in real time. It would also give our website a personal touch and help build trust in customers as they know there is someone at the other side of the website waiting to help,” said Robert Laughton, the owner of The Water Cooler Company.

The Solution

Having decided to add live chat as one of the main support channels, The Water Cooler Company tried a popular live chat software solution for a few weeks, but felt that it did not fit the needs of a small to medium sized business as they were and adding additional operators was very expensive. The company came across Comm100 Live Chat when looking for an alternative and decided to go with it mainly because of its functionality and ease of use. The reasonable price and the excellent support were added bonus.

The company is using the WordPress plugin of Comm100 Live Chat, since their website is built on the WordPress platform. “The overall look and feel of the widget is a lot less intrusive than that of the others on the market and it’s fully customizable. We change it on a regular basis and measure the performance of each in order to find the best one for our website,” Robert continued, “We had a few teething issues when first setting it up in WordPress, but the support staff at Comm100 were incredibly helpful and sorted out the problems we had. We haven’t had any issues with the software since then, and we know that our chat feature is backed up by an excellent team ready to help should any problems arise.”

The Benefits

After implementing Comm100 Live Chat, The Water Cooler Company saw a dramatic drop in emails coming through as many of the enquires are coming directly from the live chat function. “We even tested to confirm this by removing the chat button for 1 week and noticed an increase in bounce rates on all our pages on the site. Comm100 makes it really easy for users to send us a quick message or question about our products,” said Robert.

The Water Cooler Company tracks their website conversion rates based on the amount of enquiry forms and telephone calls they receive. Since installing Comm100 Live Chat, they have had over 30% more enquiry forms as customers are more likely to make a decision with real-time support at their fingertips. In addition, the company has saved around ten hours per week of initial enquiry phone calls and can focus more on further developing the website and product offerings.

“We love how any of our staff can take responsibility for replying to questions with pre-structured answers as this saves the staff a great deal of time. We had previously had a customer service team of four people in place dealing with all phone enquiries. After two months of using Comm100 Live Chat, we had increased our revenue through the website by 15% with one less staff member,” concluded Robert.

The Water Cooler Company

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“After two months of using Comm100 Live Chat, we had increased our revenue through the website by 15% with one less staff member.”
Robert Laughton

Robert Laughton