Twenty-Year Chat User Opts for Comm100 Live Chat

Business Needs

Chat a Necessity

Since the early days of chat technology in the 1990s, Scott Systems (Scott) continuously employed internet chat software to support its application for automotive repair shops.

“Chat was an absolute necessity,” stated Mark Giraud, President, Scott Systems. “Prior to the chat programs, it was all phone support at very expensive rates. Chat cut our phone costs by 50%.”

Searching for the Best

Giraud continually researched technologies to grow his company, including chat software. In 2010, Comm100 Live Chat caught his attention, standing out from the competition.

“We looked at every one of the chat programs,” he said. “I don’t think any even came close to Comm100 as far as I was concerned, certainly for the price.”


Comm100 Live Chat

Scott moved ahead at the end of 2010, integrating Comm100 Live Chat with the company website and application software. “Setup was easy,” stated Giraud. “And it’s been great so far.”

Today, Scott schedules 11 technicians to man Comm100 Live Chat from 7:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m. every day. The techs work remotely from California, Tennessee, Puerto Rico and other locations.

Responsive Customer Service

Easy to use Comm100 Live Chat enables Scott to provide responsive customer service, capture more prospects and assist website visitors.

“If you click on ‘Chat Request’ on our website, that’s Comm100,” explained Giraud. “It’s built into our program as well. During working hours, shops just click on the chat button in our windows-based app.”

Sophisticated Customer Insight

The visitor monitor function in Comm100 Live Chat generates customer insight that is impossible to obtain from phone calls or other channels.

“One of the things I love most is the very sophisticated marketing data we get from chats,” explained Giraud. “When someone comes to our website, I can see how he found us, that he has made three visits, is on Windows XP, using Chrome, and from this area. For us it’s been great!”

Monitor Chats and Remote Employees

Live Chat’s real-time management features empower supervisors to easily monitor chats and geographically disbursed employees.

“Even though our company is spread out, we see who is doing what on Live Chat,” explained Giraud. “Then we join in or monitor it if we want. The communication with our employees and customers works very well.”

Reliable and Affordable

Live Chat continues to perform as a reliable and affordable customer support solution for Scott. “We never have to call for support,” stated Giraud. “Occasionally, it goes down, but not very often. It’s definitely worth the money for us.”


Having used chat for 20 years, Giraud prefers the efficiency, customer satisfaction and reliable operation of Comm100 Live Chat.

Increase Operator Efficiency

Multiple concurrent chats, pre-defined messages and URLs, drag and drop file transfer, contact history and other powerful features improve chat efficiency.

“Our technicians can handle two or three chats at the same time,” related Giraud. “Comm100 Live Chat makes them more efficient and saves us having to hire more people.”

When customers have a question, they just click on chat to instantly access support. “They’re talking to us immediately,” stated Giraud. “That quick access saves a lot of time.”

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Clients may choose phone or chat support at Scott. “Our customers are not afraid to call us,” related Giraud. “But we have seen a significant number transition to chat. Is customer satisfaction increased by having multiple channels? Absolutely.”

Over the past five years, Giraud recommended Comm100 to a number of friends in the software industry, now satisfied Live Chat users. “I tell people that it just works, and it makes for a great customer experience,” he stated.

Ongoing Chat Perfection

As a successful software company and long-time chat user, Scott continually looks at other solutions but remains committed to Comm100 Live Chat.

“We’ve really enjoyed the software,” summarized Giraud. “It’s been perfect for a number of years. I would have to think hard to come up with anything that doesn’t work for us.”

About Scott Systems

Since 1987, Scott Systems has distributed and supported its comprehensive software for automotive repair shops. The platform supports accounting, scheduling, POS, ordering and business management functions for more than 4,000 clients. Customers use the Comm100-based chat function embedded in the company’s software and website to communicate with eleven geographically dispersed support techs.

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Scott Systems

Customer Profile

  • Headquarter: Carlsbad, USA
  • Website:
  • Industry: IT
  • Comm100 Customer: Since 2010
  • Need: A live chat solution that works best for its software support
  • The Solution: Comm100 Live Chat


“I like Comm100 better than all of the other chat programs out there. You name it, we’ve looked at it. For us, Comm100 Live Chat just works perfectly.”
Scott Systems

Mark Giraud