100% Hosted & Web-Based

No Installation & Zero Maintenance

Comm100 Help Desk is fully hosted and managed by Comm100. No software to download or install. We take care of all the hardware, software, backup and maintenance work on the sever side to simplify your IT infrastructure so that you can have more time to spend on running your business.

High Availability & Reliability

We completely understand the importance of high reliability and security to your business. To ensure the highest possible availability, we use high-end HP servers to run the application, world-class data center to host our server farm, and RAID ADG to protect your data from hard disk failure. Rigorous backup and disaster recovery plan are enforced.

100% Web Based

You and your visitors only need a web browser to use Comm100 Help Desk. Comm100 Help Desk is fully cross browser compatible. Your visitors can access your help desk with any standard web browser of their choice, such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera & Safari, etc.

Multiple Channels, One Place

Integration with Comm100 Ticket

This enables your customers to submit tickets, view and manage their tickets in your help desk. You can set if login is required to submit tickets according to your needs.

Integration with Comm100 Knowledge Base

This enables your customers to search knowledge base articles for the answers to common questions in your help desk. Your workload reduces as customers can resolve their own issues without contacting the customer service team.

Integration with Comm100 Live Chat

This enables your customers to request a live chat with you in your help desk. They can also view all their chat transcripts and offline messages in your help desk.

Integration with Comm100 Email Marketing

This enables your customers to subscribe for your email newsletters in your help desk. They can also update their subscription information and view all the newsletters they have received in your help desk.

Have Your Own Branding & Style

Your Own Logo

You can put your own logo on your help desk to maintain your brand identity.

Professional Page Style

Multiple professionally designed page styles are provided. You can choose the one that best fits your website look and feel.

Customizable Header & Footer

You can fully customize the header and footer of your help desk to match your branding and website style.

Fully Customizable Widgets & Menus

Multiple Channels, One Place
  • Pluggable Modules

    Modules available in Comm100 Help Desk include ticket, knowledge base, live chat and email marketing. You can choose to enable whichever you want based on your business needs.

  • Customizable Menu

    You can create new menu items, specify which menu items to display and set the display order of the menu items in your help desk. New menu items can lead to the customized pages you create or any other online web pages.

  • Home Page Design

    The home page is the start page of your help desk. You can create new widgets, specify which widgets to be shown and adjust the layout of your home page according to your needs.

  • Customized Page

    You can add some customized pages to your help desk. For example, you can create a customized page called “About Us” with your company information. Then create a menu item named “About us” and link it to the “About Us” page. In this way, your customers can view you company information by clicking on the “About Us” menu.


USD 49 operator/mo

Your Own Branding

Full Customization

Good Extensibility

Knowledge Base

Support Ticket System

Self-Service Portal

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