When it comes to customer engagement, why should Big Business
get all the best toys?
Built for the enterprise

Built for the enterprise, ready for you

Only Comm100 brings you the advanced capabilities, security, and customer care normally reserved for Big Business. Why? Because we believe that you AND your customers deserve the very best customer engagement solutions too.

So much more, for so much less

So much more, for so much less
(free, actually)

Comm100 Free gives you more features, more flexibility, and more control than any other free live chat and digital customer service solution – even more than some paid ones.

Our competitors may not like it, but we’re OK with that.

We have bold plans

We have bold plans, just like you

Our passion for digital customer engagement runs deep. We see a bright future where businesses like yours can connect with their customers quickly, effortlessly, and – most importantly – anytime and anywhere. We’re seeking ways to make this vision a reality, challenging what we know, and exploring new paths to success. Just like you.

Your customers are out there, waiting to connect. Let’s go!

Unlimited users
Unlimited chats & conversations
Free forever