A free chatbot? Yes!

Your Comm100 chatbot answers common questions and shares resources and information even when you’re online, helping to reduce agent overload. Now you can realize the full potential of what it means to have a website!

24/7 chat support at your customers’ fingertips

The Comm100 chatbot works 24/7 so you don’t have to. After all, you don’t really want to hang up that ‘Be back soon’ or ‘Closed’ sign on your website, do you?

When answers get complex, you have it covered

Imagine an easily searchable online library of guides, how-to’s, and helpful articles, available all day, every day, through your chat window or directly on your website. That’s Comm100 Knowledge Base at your service!

Sometimes, leaving a message is the best option

Some customers simply want to leave you a message and put the ball in your court. Whenever your chat status is set to ‘Offline’, you can let your customers leave you a message for follow-up later.

Comm100 Free is your automation dream come true.
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