Cloud based: no installation or plug-ins needed, either for you or for your customers
Easy to add to any website with ready-made plugins for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Shopify and more
Connect your social, email and mobile accounts with Comm100 by simply inputting your account credentials

How Live Chat works

  1. Sign up for Comm100
  2. Copy the free live chat code and paste it on your website
  3. Launch the Comm100 Agent Console
  4. Start chatting!

Your customers don’t need to install anything. They can just click the chat button on your website and start talking with you.

How Task Bot Works

  1. Sign up for Comm100
  2. Choose from one of our pre-defined templates or use our friendly and intuitive interface to build your Task Bot
  3. Turn your Task Bot on.

Voila! Your visitors will see your Task Bot when they open your Comm100 chat window.

The Comm100 platform is easy to set up on your webpage and very intuitive to use. Also, getting your agents set up and ready to chat is a breeze. Comm100 also has a ton of videos and how-to documents if you ever need help with a certain feature.

– W. Lachlan Todd, Digital Recruitment Coordinator


How Ticketing & Messaging works

  1. Sign up for Comm100
  2. Connect your existing email, mobile or social accounts with Comm100 Free by inputting your account credentials
  3. Launch the Comm100 Agent Console
  4. Respond to your customers!!

Your customers don’t need to sign up or install anything. They will just use their existing tools to send messages to you.

Comm100 Knowledge Base

How Knowledge Base works

  1. Sign up for Comm100
  2. Customize the design to match your brand
  3. Create articles
  4. Add the knowledge base link to your website
  5. Optionally, integrate your knowledge base with live chat.

Setting up Comm100 Free is that simple. Get started today!

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Unlimited chats
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