Fully Hosted

Fully Hosted
  • No Installation & Zero Maintenance

    Comm100 Forum Hosted is fully hosted and managed by Comm100. There is no software for you to install. You only need a web browser. We take care of all the hardware, software, backup and maintenance work on the sever side to simplify your IT infrastructure so that you can have more time to spend on running your business.

  • High Availability & Reliability

    We completely understand the importance of high reliability and security to your business. To ensure the highest possible availability, we use high-end HP servers to run the application, world-class data center to host our server farm, and RAID ADG to protect your data from hard disk failure. Rigorous backup and disaster recovery plan are enforced.

  • Easy to Integrate with Your Website

    No matter you are using Windows, Linux, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, SQL Server, MySQL or any other technology, you can fully integrate Comm100 Forum Hosted into your web site. Just paste several lines of HTML code, then you have your own forum.

  • Cross-Browser Compatible

    Comm100 Forum Hosted is fully cross browser compatible. Your visitors can access the forum with any standard web browsers of their choice, such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera & Safari, etc.

Integrated with Other Comm100 Applications

Integrated with Comm100 User

All forum registered users are added into Comm100 User. You can track all users’ activities in 360 degree, such as chats and offline messages, tickets, forum posts, knowledge base feedback, navigation, search history etc. in your Comm100 User.

Integrated with Comm100 Knowledge Base

The integration of Comm100 Knowledge Base and Comm100 Forum Hosted allows you to submit a topic as an article candidate to your knowledge base. It helps you collect possible knowledge base topics from your forum and build your knowledge base articles quickly.

Integrated with Comm100 Help Desk

The integration with Comm100 Help Desk allows your customers to access your forum in your help desk. Comm100 Help Desk is a self-service portal offering a centralized place for all your customer service channels, including forum, live chat, email, ticket, knowledge base and email marketing.

Fully Customizable

Use Your Own Logo

You can put your own logo on your forum to maintain your brand identity.

Customize Page Style

You can choose one preferred page style for your forum that best fits your site feel and look.

Customize Header & Footer

You can fully customize the header and footer of your forum to match your branding and website style.

Set Forum Name & Status

You can have your own forum site name and set proper site status (Normal, Visit Only or Closed) according to your needs.

Customize System Emails

You can customize the system messages of your forum, including registration success email, user moderation email, user verification email, new user notification email and so on. You can tailor the subject, the From Email Address and the content of these emails.

Security & Anti-SPAM

Registration Security

To ensure the security of your forum, you can enable Moderation Required for New Registered Users and Email Address Verification Required for Registration options according to your own business needs.

Verification Code

Verification Code (CAPTCHA) is used to protect your forum from automated spamming bots by stopping them at the registration and login stage.

Ban Users

Forum administrators can block certain users or IP addresses to rule out unwelcome users.

Designed with Customer Service in Mind

Save Reply as Draft

Draft is a unique feature in Comm100 Forum Hosted. After a post reply is saved as draft, other customer service representatives can see, edit and publish it. The draft feature is designed to promote communication and collaboration among your customer service team. Also, draft can be used for training purposes.

Mark Reply as Answer

If a post reply properly answers a topic, the topic starter, the forum moderator or administrator can mark it as answer, then your forum users are well indicated which reply is the best answer. You can also use it to encourage the performance of your customer service team.

Categories & Forums

Unlimited Number of Categories & Forums

You can create unlimited categories and forum and categorize your forums in the best possible way.

Category & Forum Sorting

You can change the display order of the categories and forums according to your own needs.

Forum Permission Configuration

Administrators and moderators can restrict forum access and operations by assigning specific permissions to user groups and reputation groups on specified forums.

Modular Control Panels

User Control Panel

Registered users can edit their own profile, signature and avatar; reset their passwords; manage their messages and favorites as well as view their posts.

Moderator Control Panel

Moderators can view abuse reports, moderate and manage topics/posts and set forum permissions.

Admin Control Panel

Administrators can set forum rules, manage topics /posts and users /user permissions, create categories /forums and make forum-wide announcements, etc.

Score & Reputation Strategy

Score & Reputation Strategy
  • Score Strategy

    Score is a trading mechanism to encourage user participation. Score Strategy defines how much score points a user earns or loses when a certain action is performed.

  • Score Needed to View/ Download

    Users can create Score Needed to View topics or Score Needed to Download attachments so that other users need to pay certain score points before they can view the topics or download the attachments.

  • Reputation Strategy

    Reputation is an indicator of a user’s activeness. It is designed to better manage users’ permissions. Reputation Strategy defines how much reputation points a user earns or loses when a certain event occurs.

  • Reputation Group

    Users with different reputation points are dynamically divided into different reputation groups. Each reputation group may have a different level of permissions.

Flexible Permission Settings

Guest User Access Option

Administrators can assign access option and search permission to all guest users.

User Permission

Administrators can assign general customized permissions to all registered forum users.

User Group Permissio

Administrators can assign specified permissions to users in respective user groups.

Reputation Group Permission

Administrators can assign specified permissions to users based on their reputation rank.

Forum Permission

Administrators and moderators can set forum based permissions to define who can do what on specific forums.


USD 19 operator/mo

Unlimited Forums & Posts

Your Own Branding

Full Customization

User Management

Post Management

Security & Anti-Spam

Self-Service Portal

Permission Settings

Integration with Other Comm100 Apps

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