Support students on their terms, and yours!

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With Comm100 Omnichannel, your post-secondary school can:

increase student engagement

Increase student engagement with channel choice

increase engagement

Improve the student experience with lower costs


Reduce manual work with 24/7 automation

Comm100 Omnichannel

Why is higher education adopting omnichannel student engagement?

Today’s students want to connect with their university or college wherever and whenever it’s convenient for them. With Comm100 Omnichannel you can deliver this experience efficiently and cost-effectively by connecting every channel into one unified platform.

Give your students’ choice and your agents’ information for the most efficient, helpful, and personalized student support.

“Everybody has their preferred way of communicating. Some people want to reach out via live chat, some social media, and others via email. The beauty of Comm100 is that every channel can be connected into one platform so we can connect with and support more students, more efficiently.”

Lachlan Todd

Lachlan Todd

Communications & Systems Coordinator
Thompson Rivers University

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The complete omnichannel student engagement platform

Choose where to meet your students and scale up when you’re ready – the Comm100 platform expands as your department grows.

Live Chat

Real-time text, voice, video, file sharing, screen sharing – Comm100 Live Chat is more powerful and flexible than you think. Deliver fast and personalized support that students expect.

Chatbots & Automation

Harness the power of AI and natural language processing (NLP) to automate over 80% of queries and deliver the 24/7 support your students call for.

Ticketing & Messaging

Manage all your inquiries from email, social media & SMS from one easy-to-use system. You’ll never miss a message again.

Knowledge Base

Easily build and maintain unlimited knowledge bases so your students can self-serve, and your agents can easily an quickly find answers.


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How can Comm100 Omnichannel help your department?

Meet digital expectations

Meet digital expectations

Today’s students want to connect across a range of digital channels. If you want to increase admissions, engagement, and retention rates, it’s time you offer them this.
Automate repetitive work

Automate repetitive work

Comm100’s chatbots can manage the majority of your inquiries so agents can focus on more complex or important tasks, while increasing your team’s capacity.
Improve speed & quality

Improve speed & quality

With every channel and their data connected, agents aren’t only empowered to resolve questions faster – they can also resolve them with more insight and personalization.


Launch your first channel in 1-2 weeks!

Following our patented 4 step plan to success, you will see the impact at every stage.

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Get Started

Meet complete security and compliance requirements. Comm100 has data centers located in Canada, the US, and Europe, and audited compliance to the broadest range of certifications.

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A dedicated customer success team is assigned to you. Plan and customize your digital transformation together.

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Staff training, continuous customer support and robust resources make scaling a seamless experience.

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Customer satisfaction and service benchmarks are measured. Impact to costs and service availability are studied to determine comparable costs.

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