Organizations using Comm100 Live Chat see:

93% of customers prefer chat
Personalized one-to-one interactions

Tap into a brand-new audience that would never have called for support – 9 in 10 Comm100 Live Chat users say they prefer chat over any other channel.

90% first contact resolution
Quick and complete answers, happy clients

Connect with your patients and clients in real-time to resolve more questions faster, and deliver above-and-beyond experiences.

Create stronger relationships

Deliver better patient experiences more genuinely with Comm100 Live Chat’s unique co-browsing, auto-translation for 90+ languages, and telemedicine features.

Capterra logo and stars - Comm100

Capterra 4.5/5.0 (94 reviews)

I’ve handled many other chat programs but find Comm100 to be very user-friendly and very easy to navigate. With minimal effort, one can setup and roll it out within minutes. The reporting and analytics are very robust, with just a single click you can see a complete view of everything. Comm100 can also route incoming communications to the proper department, which is an excellent feature that we use to automatically assign chats to corresponding operators.

– Amit M, Digital Media Manager, Hospital & Healthcare

Iron-clad security built for Healthcare providers

From HIPAA-compliant data servers and software, to state-of-the-art security protocols and encryption tools, Comm100 Live Chat is built to keep your ePHI safe and secure.

Extend your reach through telemedicine

With live chat’s audio/video features, telemedicine is a convenient, accessible, secure, and private solution for patients. Deliver care right into the home and remove service barriers for patients without compromising on quality, personalized care.

Extend your capacity, maximize your return

Features like canned messages help each agent easily handle multiple patient inquiries more efficiently. Agents can choose from a library of pre-approved, standardized responses to answer patient FAQs faster than ever.

Secure file transfer

Agents and patients can securely transfer any file type, even sensitive ones, back and forth worry-free. Patient forms, insurance cards, prescriptions, test results and other documents are all encrypted both at rest and in transit on the HIPAA compliant Comm100 Live Chat platform.

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