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If you want your agents to truly deliver, they need the best tools and the right information at their fingertips. You need your live chat platform to connect seamlessly to other core systems.

Live Chat APIs

Eliminate application data barriers and capitalize on your customer conversations.

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Live Chat Webhooks

Create more efficient, customer-centric notifications and workflows

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Agent Console SDK

Extend the power and visibility of your agent console to suit your unique needs.

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Mobile SDK

Enable live chat in your mobile app with ease.

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Enriched functionality

Comm100’s Agent Console JavaScript API allows you to enhance your Agent Console through a range of extended capabilities including displaying more data about your chat visitors, information about logged-in agents, and sending messages to the current chat using your own system.

Embrace your brand

Comm100’s Visitor Side JavaScript API allows you to customize the behavior and appearance of your visitor side chat interface, including the chat button, invitation, pre/post-chat survey, chat window, and more.

Harness your live chat data

Use the Comm100 RESTful API to pull raw data from Comm100 Live Chat into your other systems. This allows you to store data outside of the Comm100 platform, create custom reports, build powerful integrations with other systems, and more.

Automate and streamline workflows

With Comm100 Live Chat webhooks, real-time live chat data is sent to a designated URL (a web application) when a chat starts/ends, a visitor submits an offline message, or your agents wrap up a chat. Use these actions to trigger events in other systems and to keep you informed of what’s happening on your website.

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