Comm100 Live Chat Software Operation for Agents

Welcome to this video course covering Live Chat Software Operation for Agents.

This 20-minute course will help you whether you’ve worked on live chats before, or if you’re completely new to live chat. It’s designed to show you the main features within our Live Chat Agent Console and how to use them, allowing you to get the very best out of your chats.

Some of the modules on this course may not apply to you, and you can skip those videos if so. Check with your manager or system admin whether you have integrated any of the following features before you watch the videos: Ticketing & Messaging, Knowledge Base, Agent Assist, Cobrowsing, Audio/Video chat or Chatbot.

There are lots of other ways to learn with us! If you’re looking to brush up on the quality, style and speed of your live chat interactions, why not consider taking our Chat Handling Skills for Agents Beginner and Advanced training courses, which cover off ways to use our software with confidence to provide better customer outcomes.

If your company has also integrated other Ticking and Messaging channels like social media, SMS or email, make sure after taking this course that you also go through that training – Ticketing & Messaging Software Operation for Agents.

If you have any questions about this course or learning our software, you can email us anytime at [email protected] or chat with us through our website.

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Instructor Kaye Chapman

Kaye is Comm100’s Learning & Development Manager, an internationally-experienced writer and trainer, and an MA graduate of University College London, the world’s #1 center for Education and Social Science. Kaye has worked with Fortune 500, governmental and private firms across the world to advance customer service operations and embed leading learning and development strategy. As a specialist in Contact Centers, Kaye is passionate about using technology and training to improve experiences for customers and employees alike. Connect with her on LinkedIn.