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When the Cloud Won’t Cut It: Deploying On-Premise Customer Engagement Software

When considering any technology investment, security and privacy are non-negotiable. No matter which digital support channels your business offers, keeping your confidential customer data safe and secure is a (if not the) top priority. 

For any company, striking a balance between absolute security and compliance while providing accessible, real-time customer support isn’t always an easy feat. This is all the more difficult for industries like government, healthcare, and financial services who must follow even more stringent security requirements. For many organizations in these sectors, the cloud is simply off-limits. 

If your organization faces these limitations, fear not — Comm100 can help you level up your digital customer service capabilities while meeting all your security needs. Whether you want to offer your customers real-time live chat, or the full range of digital omnichannel communication, Comm100’s platform can be deployed on-premise to enable the highest degree of security and compliance with flexible customization to fit your unique business requirements (not to mention our SOC 2 Type II and ISO 27001 certifications, and PCI DSS and HIPAA compliance, to name a few).  

Here are just some of the benefits and capabilities of Comm100 On-premise deployment. 

1. Data Management 

By storing data on the cloud, you are entrusting a third party with a key asset of your organization – confidential records of your user base. While convenient, this option may not be ideal for highly regulated industries that have unique and stringent security requirements. 

An on-premise deployment option allows organizations to keep customer data stored in their own secure environments. You have complete autonomy over the data management processes used for access of the platform and your customer data. 

With Comm100, your business can deliver accessible and personalized support in the knowledge that customer data and other proprietary information never leaves your data center. 

2. Security and Uptime 

Cloud-based providers have direct control and autonomy over the security systems used to secure servers. Organizations that choose an on-premise deployment on the other hand can align Comm100’s platform with any unique, industry-specific security requirements that their organizations must comply with – enjoying the comfort of your own in-house security procedures. 

Storing your data on the cloud also involves relying on the vendor for notice of scheduled maintenances and outages. Downtime affects all hosted customers, requiring companies to plan around these obstacles. By hosting Comm100 in your environment, you can control when scheduled maintenance and updates happen on your own time. And if server outage occurs for the provider, you can rest assured knowing it won’t affect you. 

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Deploying Comm100 on-premise gives businesses more control and autonomy over their customer engagement solution with features like private IP address and a dedicated web application. As industries evolve and businesses grow to scale, their requirements may change. On-premise deployment gives organizations the flexibility to scale and customize in-house to your unique requirements. 

By keeping data close to home, it can be accessed anytime and integrated into your tech ecosystem. An on-premise deployment offers you endless customization options to align your customer engagement solution into existing workflows. 


Security conscious companies needs to be concerned with where and how data is stored and proceeded. Whether you are looking for a live chat or full customer engagement partner, Comm100 provides the flexible online communication that highly regulated industries need to keep up with changing service standards, while keeping data secure. When shopping for your customer engagement software, keep the option for on-premise deployment at the top of your business requirements list.

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