Comm100 Live Chat Shared Platform Update: Visitor Segmentation, Visitor SSO, Integration and More

June 29th, 2016 | Anna Cheung | News & Updates | Estimated Reading Time: 6 minutes

During the past months, we have had an increasing number of customers who came with custom development needs. Every time we received a custom feature requirement, we went through the process of a detailed feature analysis, making sure only those features that are in line with our product roadmap and can benefit our other customers as well are considered.

To date, we have introduced tons of great new features to the dedicated deployments and we think it’s time to bring these features to the shared platform for a wider audience to use. That being said,

Comm100 Live Chat shared platform is to have a major product update this Friday.

New features and improvements include:

  1. Visitor Segmentation

    Available in Enterprise edition.

    Visitor Segmentation enables you to divide your visitors into different segments based on pre-defined rules and keep operators informed of the visitors’ segments in real time. For example, you can create a visitor segment for the VIP clients and have notifications sent to your VIP support team whenever a VIP client arrives. This gives you a clearer view of your visitors and makes sure no important opportunities are missed out.

    visitor segments in visitor list


    • Define your visitor segments with all applicable system fields, custom fields and custom variables.
    • Set up notifications to inform specified operators or departments for each visitor segment.
    • Search visits, chats and offline messages by visitor segment in the History section.

    For more details, read our blog post: Introducing Visitor Segmentation: Gain Insights into Your Visitor Base in Real Time

  2. Visitor Single Sign-On

    Available in Enterprise edition.

    Visitor Single Sign-On (SSO) allows you to map your customer account information with Comm100 fields, and synchronize the information from your account system to Comm100 Live Chat when the customer starts a chat. This streamlines the chat process and improves your customer experience.

    Customer Account Information in VM


    • Set whether or not your customers need to sign into their accounts before chatting.
    • View your customers’ account information in Comm100 Live Chat Visitor Monitor.
    • Create custom chat routing rules with your customer account information.
    • Search for chat transcripts in the History section with your customer ID.

    For more details, read our blog post: Introducing Visitor Single Sign-On: Synchronize Your Customer Login System with Comm100 Live Chat

  3. Join.Me Integration

    Available in Business edition and Enterprise edition.

    Comm100 Live Chat Join.Me Integration enables you to start a screen sharing session with your visitor right from your chat console and provide remote assistance immediately. This improves your service efficiency as well as problem resolution capabilities. integration with comm100 live chat


    • Start a meeting right from your chat console.
    • View visitor’s screen upon their permission to quickly locate the problem.
    • Share your screen with visitors to lead them through.
    • Remotely control your visitor’s mouse.

    For more details, read our web page: Join.Me Integration

  4. Chat Invitation as Greeting Message in Chat Window

    Available in Team edition, Business edition and Enterprise edition.

    Different from the popup chat invitation where an image pops up and the visitor need to click on it to start a chat, this type of chat invitation directly opens your chat window to the visitor being invited, and shows the invitation message as operator’s greeting message right in the chat window. It’s like a chat begins as soon as an invitation is sent, and increases the acceptance rate of both automatic and manual chat invitations.

    invitation in chat window
  5. Custom Variable Improvements

    Available in Business edition and Enterprise edition.

    1. Define Data Type for Custom Variables

      For example, account ID can be an integer while account balance can be a decimal. This enhances the capability of sorting by or setting up rules with custom variables.

      sort visitors by custom variables
    2. Display Custom Variables in the Visitor List

      Showing the value of custom variables as columns in the visitor list enables quicker and easier access to visitors’ data collected through Custom Variable.

      In addition, you can sort the visitor list by the value of a custom variable and act upon the result. For example, you can sort all your visitors by their account balance in descending order and send invitations to the visitors whose balance reaches a certain threshold.

      sort visitors by custom variables
    3. Add Link to Custom Variable

      You can add a custom link to the value of a custom variable so that you can check out the details about the value within just one click. For example, if you have a custom variable Account ID linked to your visitor’s profile page, then you can click on the account ID to see the visitor’s profile right away without having to manually search in your CRM or other platforms.

      add hyperlinks to custom variables
    4. Real-time Custom Variable Update

      The value of your custom variables will update automatically in real time so that you can always get the up-to-date information.

  6. Custom JavaScript for Pre-Chat, Post-Chat and Offline Message Windows

    Available in Business edition and Enterprise edition.

    You can use custom JavaScript to fully customize the appearance and content of your pre-chat survey, post-chat survey and offline message windows.

    For example, you can display your existing Contact Us page in your offline message window, or implement interdependent questions in your pre-chat or post-chat survey where the answer to the first question determines the content of the second question.

    Add Custom JavaScript
  7. Operator Real Time Report

    Available in Enterprise edition.

    Real Time Operator Report provides each operator’s real-time status and workload, as well as the total time they spent in each status.

    Real Time Operator Report
  8. Route Chats by Priority

    Available in Enterprise edition.

    You can assign priority (lowest, low, normal, high, and highest) for chat requests. Queued chats with a higher priority are distributed before those with a lower setting. When priority is the same for multiple chats in the queue, chats will be distributed sequentially based on the time visitors entered the queue. This ensures that important chats are answered first.

    Real Time Operator Report
  9. Send Chat Transcripts and Offline Messages with Your Own SMTP Server

    Available in Team edition, Business edition and Enterprise edition.

    You can choose whether your chat transcript and offline message emails should be sent out from the Comm100 SMTP server or your own SMTP server. If you choose to use your own SMTP server, your defined email address will be displayed as the From Address and the recipients won’t see the “on behalf of” information.

    Custom Outgoing SMTP Server
  10. Chat Group Tags

    Available in Team edition, Business edition and Enterprise edition.

    You can use the chat group tags to control how chats initiated by the same visitor on different websites or pages should proceed.

    You can assign a chat group tag to each Comm100 Live Chat code implemented on your websites or pages. Chats initiated by the same visitor on websites or pages with different chat group tags proceed separately, which means one chat doesn’t synchronize with another.

    Here is a possible scenario. You’re running multiple websites with different brandings. You can then add a unique chat group tag to each website. If a visitor is chatting on one of your websites, and later on he/she initiates another chat on a different website of yours, this second chat will be separate from the first one. However, for different pages in the SAME website, the chat conversation will follow as the visitor browses from one page to another.

    Assign Chat Group Tag to Code
  11. Updates in Visitor Monitor

    1. File Transfer in Operator Chats

      You can send a file to another operator right in your operator chat panel.

      Available in Team edition, Business edition and Enterprise edition

    2. Custom Filter for Visitor List

      Available in Business edition and Enterprise edition.

      The Custom Filter feature allows you to define a specific search by your own rules so that you can quickly locate the group of visitors you want to target. Visitor data that can be used to create rules includes:

      • Identification Info — Name, Email
      • Status Info — Status, Auto Invitation, Visitor Segment
      • Geographic Info — City, State, Country/Region, Time Zone
      • Behavioral Info — Current Page URL, Code Plan, Landing Page URL, Current Page Browsing Time, Visit Time, Wait Time, Chat Time, Total Time, # of Pages, Visits, Chats
      • Source Info — Referrer URL, Search Engine, Search Keywords
      • Chat Info — Operators, Department, Product/Service
      • Custom Variable — All the custom variables set up in your account
      Custom Filter
    3. Set When to Close the Chat Window after a Chat Session Ends

      Available in Team edition, Business edition and Enterprise edition.

      When a chat session ends, you can choose whether to close your chat window manually, or let the system automatically close it for you after a certain time period. This ensures that you have sufficient time to review chat transcripts from the operator chat panel for wrapping up or other purposes.

      Auto Close Chat Window
    4. Group Chats by Status in the My Chats Tab

      Available in Team edition, Business edition and Enterprise edition.

      When this feature is enabled, your chats are automatically grouped into 4 different categories (Ongoing Chats, Incoming Chats, Manually Invited and Ended Chats) based on their statuses. This helps you quickly locate the chat you’re looking for.

      Group Chats by Status
    5. Show Department Information in the My Chats Tab

      Available in Business edition and Enterprise edition.

      When this feature is enabled, the department information of a chat, i.e. which department the chat is routed to, is displayed beneath the visitor’s name in the My Chats tab. This helps you quickly identify which department the visitor is chatting with.

      Show Department Information
    6. Operators’ Unresponsive Time

      Available in Team edition, Business edition and Enterprise edition.

      Operator’s unresponsive time shows how long a visitor has waited for the operator to respond to his/her last message. You may want to answer the visitor who has waited for the longest time first, as the longer the unresponsive time is, the higher the chance is for a visitor to abandon the chat.

      Operators Unresponsive Time
    7. Set Sound and Popup Alerts for New Chats in Queue

      Available in Team edition, Business edition and Enterprise edition.

      You can set whether or not to send sound and popup notifications to operators for new incoming chats waiting in the queue.

      notifications for new chats in queue
    8. Independent Visitor List Window

      Available in Team edition, Business edition and Enterprise edition.

      You can separate the Visitor List from your Visitor Monitor window as an independent window, so that you can organize the windows per your needs.

      independent visitor list
  12. Additional Tweaks

    Available in Team edition, Business edition and Enterprise edition.

    • Disable recording cookies in pre-chat form.
    • Links of the files transferred during a chat session will expire after the visitor leaves your website.
    • Restriction on chat message frequency. When a visitor sends 5 messages within 5 seconds, he/she needs to wait for at least 29 seconds before sending a next message.
    • The Auto Invitation becomes a code plan level setting instead of a site level.

Interested in any of these new features? Speak with our Enterprise Sales Team to discuss how this feature could help your business.

About Anna Cheung

Anna Cheung heads product marketing in Comm100. She spends most of her day in finding ways to have more people benefit from Comm100's products. In her spare time, she likes learning new things and sharing with others. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn.

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