Coming Update in Comm100 Live Chat: Reorganized Menu in the Control Panel

October 27th, 2016 | Anna Cheung | News & Updates | Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes
Menu reorganization of Comm100 Live Chat control panel

A new version of Comm100 Live Chat is coming soon with two major updates: 1. Salesforce integration improvements; 2. Reorganized menu in the control panel. This post will focus on the latter. For more information about the Salesforce integration, please read this white paper.

At Comm100, we have been continuously improving our product based on customers’ feedback so as to deliver a better customer experience. One of the suggestions we received from many customers is that some configuration items in the control panel are hard to find and the navigation menu should be better organized.

Therefore, with the coming version we have reorganized the menu structure of Comm100 Live Chat control panel so that you can better understand and locate the configuration items.

See the screenshot below for a quick glance of what’s been changed:

comm100 control panel menu structure

Renaming of Two Existing Terms

First of all, please note that we have renamed two existing terms for better understanding.

  1. Changed Code Plan to Campaign.

    The meaning remains unchanged: A campaign is a set of configurations that define how your visitors interact with you, including what chat button and chat window they will see, to whom their chat requests will be routed, how they will be invited to chat, etc.

    If you have multiple websites, you can set up a dedicated campaign for each website and thus deliver personalized chat experiences.

  2. Changed Operator to Agent.

    Both can refer to your sales or customer service representatives while the term Agent is more widely used.

Change of the Menu Structure

Our main purpose of the menu reorganization is to streamline the configuration management. For example, after the change, all campaign related configuration items can be found under the Campaign menu while all global setting items are under the Settings menu. You don’t have to head to two places to complete the configuration of one item.

Below are the main changes of the menu structure:

  1. Changed Customization to Campaign.

    As you already know, we are using Campaign instead of the original term of Code Plan in the new menu. The item Customization here refers to the settings of a code plan/campaign in Comm100 Live Chat, therefore we use Campaign to differentiate it from the Settings menu.

  2. Changed Code Plans to Multiple Campaigns and put it under Campaign.

    It makes more sense to create and manage campaigns in the same place. That’s why we put all campaign related settings under Campaign.

  3. Removed Advanced and moved its sub-items to other menus per relevancy.

    We have received feedback from customers that it is not that straightforward to know what sub-items are under Advanced. Therefore, we have moved the sub-items under it to other menu items per relevancy. For example, Custom Away Status and Ban List have been placed under Settings and Webhooks under Integrations & API.

  4. Removed Routing & Allocation and put Routing Rules under Campaign and Auto Allocation under Settings.

    In Comm100 Live Chat, routing rules are a campaign level configuration while allocation is a global setting. Therefore, we have separated Routing & Allocation into two items.

    Please note that originally the Routing & Allocation menu is displayed only in the Enterprise version.

  5. Added a top level menu Security.

    All security related features can now be found under Security.

  6. Added a top level menu Integrations & API.

    You can find all third-party plugins and integration related features under this menu.

  7. Removed the original secondary menu item Advanced under Customization and incorporated its content into Chat Button and Chat Window.

    There originally were some advanced chat button and window related configurations under the Advanced menu. For unified setting management, we have moved these items under Chat Button and Chat Window per relevancy.

The New Menu

As you know, Comm100 Live Chat provides three editions, namely Team, Business, and Enterprise, to cater to your specific business needs. No matter which edition you are using, the new navigation menu structure is the same.

The table below lists all the secondary menu items for your reference.

Top Level Menu Items Secondary Menu Items
Get Online & Chat
Installation Live Chat Code
Desktop & Mobile Apps
Campaign Chat Button
Chat Window
Post Chat
Offline Message
Operator Wrap-up
Routing Rules
Multiple Campaigns
Settings Canned Messages
Auto Accept Chats (Team and Business edition)
/Auto Allocation (Enterprise edition)
Custom Away Status
Auto Translation
Ban List
Visitor Segmentation
Visitor Single Sign-On
Security Secure Forms
Credit Card Masking
Password Policy
IP Restriction
Audit Log
History Chats
Missed & Refused
Agent Chats
Reports Overview
Chats & Queues
Real Time
(Displayed in Business and Enterprise edition only)
Individual Agent
(Displayed in Business and Enterprise edition only)
Canned Message
(Displayed in Business and Enterprise edition only)
(Displayed in Business and Enterprise edition only)
Integrations & API API
Custom Variables
Google Analytics

Do you find our new menu structure clear and helpful? Share with us your comments on the reorganization.


Anna Cheung heads product marketing in Comm100. She spends most of her day in finding ways to have more people benefit from Comm100's products. In her spare time, she likes learning new things and sharing with others. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn.

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