What’s New in Comm100 Live Chat: Canned Message Shortcut, Operator Wrap-up and More

November 4th, 2015 | Anna Cheung | News & Updates | Estimated Reading Time: 3 minutes
comm100 new release

This update introduces new features that will help you improve productivity and efficiency, as well as some tweaks and fixes to make using our live chat application even easier. Check out some of our latest improvements:

New Canned Message Tools

  1. Canned message shortcuts

    Canned messages are great for speeding up messages and replies and are essential for using Comm100 Live Chat to its full potential. Still, if you have a lot of canned messages, finding just the right one can take a few seconds. Our new shortcuts feature helps you find those canned messages you want quickly, and reduces considerably the time needed to find your favorite messages.

    canned message shortcut
  2. Keyword search for canned messages

    Shortcuts are not the only new feature intended to speed up your canned message searches and selection. Using our new keyword search, agents/operators can find even seldom-used canned messages by entering a keyword. Keywords allow operators to search entire canned message libraries and select the appropriate message within seconds.

    keyword research for canned messages
  3. Canned message report

    Our new canned message report shows you the total number of times each canned message has been used in a given time period. This enables you to analyze utilization differences and identify the best canned messages, weed out the bad or unused ones, and gain insights for improvement. Additionally, managers can see on a “per operator” basis how canned messages are being used from the Operator Efficiency report.

    canned message report

New Operator Wrap-up Feature

  1. Operator wrap-up

    Operator Wrap-up allows agents to assign categories and add notes to chats during and after chat sessions. Notes allow agents to leave important reminders for themselves and others, and categories mean much faster chat history searches and better organization.

    operator wrap up
  2. Operator Wrap-up Report

    With the introduction of the operator wrap-up feature, comes a totally new report that gives administrators and managers insight into the data collected from wrap-ups. With this information, managers are now able to view a better picture regarding percentages types of chats, and also better understand the needs and wants of visitors and customers.

    operator wrap up report

Better Controls for Operator Permissions

While Comm100 Live Chat has a wide array of powerful features, not everyone in your team needs access to all of them. Therefore, permissions are an important asset in effective management of your live chat platform. Our latest update adds more granular controls for operator permissions, such as enabling agents to refuse, monitor or join chats. The new controls make it easier for managers to administrate permissions faster and more effectively.

operator permission control

New Chat Transcript Search Filters

While Comm100 Live Chat already include several very useful filters, new ones enable you to search for chat transcripts based on fields in pre-chat and post-chat surveys and ones included in operator wrap-up forms. These new fields not only help you find specific chat categories or topics, but also help you identify and locate specific types of visitors for analysis.

Chat Transcript Search Filters

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Improved the audit log so that you can access detailed data before and after a change takes place;
  • Included the ability to display operators’ avatars in Visitor Monitor, the operator chat console, so that you can see an operator’s avatar while chatting with him/her in the Operators tab;
  • Added table reports for pre-chat and post-chat survey reports;
  • Disabled the visibility of the Operator Avatar section from pre-chat and offline window (This only applies to the Operator Avatar & Company Logo mode. If you’re using the Banner Image mode, no operator avatars show in any of your visitors’ side chat interfaces.);
  • Fixed the issue where the chat end time in chat transcripts was displayed in visitors’ time zone;
  • Fixed the issue where if you accessed the control panel by clicking the link in your desktop app, the data in the control panel was shown in UTC time zone;
  • Fixed the issue where chat buttons on mobile browsers were not displayed properly when the Responsive Chat Button option is enabled;
  • Fixed the issue where, in the Comm100 Live Chat Enterprise version, Chat Auto-Allocation settings might fail to update when there were a large number of departments in your account.

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Anna Cheung heads product marketing in Comm100. She spends most of her day in finding ways to have more people benefit from Comm100's products. In her spare time, she likes learning new things and sharing with others. Connect with Anna on LinkedIn.

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