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Comm100 Help Desk is the fully hosted and web-based help desk software. Integrating multiple support channels, Comm100 help desk software enables you to quickly build a centralized online service portal for both your customers and your customer service team.

Why Comm100 Help Desk Software?

Easy to Set up & Easy to Access

Help Desk Setup No download or installation is required. Just sign up with Comm100 and you can start using Comm100 free help desk software right away. Only a web browser and an Internet connection are needed.

Fully Customizable & Extensible

Help Desk Style You can customize the page style and header/footer of your help desk to have your own branding and style. You can also freely tailor the layout and content of your help desk based on your business needs.

Multiple Channel Support

Help Desk Integration Enable conversations via multiple support channels -- email, ticket, live chat, forum, knowledge base, web form and more. Whatever communication method customers prefer, you put the control in their hands.

Insightful Report & Analytics

Help Desk Report A wide range of comprehensive reports are provided for you to get a current reading of your help desk performance and identify areas for improvements. Customer rating and feedback are also available.

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