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100% Hosted & Web-Based

No Installation Required  
Zero Maintenance on Your End  
High Availability & Reliability  
100% Web Based - working with any standard web browser, such as IE, Firefox, Opera, Chrome & Safari, etc.
XHTML Compliant  

Integrated with Other Comm100 Applications

Integrated with Comm100 User
Integrated with Comm100 Help Desk
Integrated with Comm100 Knowledge Base

Fully Customizable

Use Your Own Logo
Customizable Header & Footer Screen Shot
Customize Page Style Screen Shot
Selectable Forum Templates  
Set Your Forum Name & Status Screen Shot
Customize System Emails

Security & Anti-SPAM

CAPTCHA Security Images
Password Encryption  
Enable/Disable Registration Moderation
Enable/Disable Registration Email Verification
Set Min/ Max Username Length
Limit Username Chars
Word Censoring
Abuse Report Screen Shot
User Banning & IP Blocking Screen Shot

Users & User Groups

Unlimited Number of Users  
User Registration Option
Extensible User Profiles
Customize User's Signature with Images or Links
Private Messaging
User Post Count
User Quick Search
Unlimited User Groups
Customize User Group Permissions Screen Shot

Categories & Forums

Unlimited Categories & Forums Screen Shot
Categories & Forums Sorting
Per-forum Configuration Options
Forum Permission Settings Screen Shot
Forum Jump

Topics & Posts

Unlimited Number of Topics & Posts Screen Shot
Hot Topics
Sticky Topics
Reply Needed to View Topics  
Score Needed to View Topics  
Create Poll Topics
Vote Polls
View Vote Results
Close Topics Screen Shot
Reopen Topics
Move Topics
Restore Deleted Topics/Posts
Purge Topics/Posts
Add Topics to Favorites
Mark Topics as Featured
Quick Reply Topics
Mark Posts as Answer
Support HTML in Post Draft
Support Smileys in Post  
Topics/Posts Moderation Screen Shot
Word Censoring
Report Topics/Posts as Spam
Full-text Search

Modular Control Panels

Admin Control Panel
Moderator Control Panel
User Control Panel

Score & Reputation

Score Strategy Screen Shot
Reputation Strategy Screen Shot
Add Unlimited Reputation Groups Screen Shot
Manage User Reputations

Flexible Permission Settings

Configure Guest User Access Options
Configure User Permissions
Customize User Group Permissions Screen Shot
Customize Reputation Group Permissions Screen Shot
Set Specific Permissions for Different Forums
Customize Operator Permissions Screen Shot


Operator Topics & Posts
Total Posts by Month
Audit Log


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