As you may already know, we have recently released a new version of Comm100 Live Chat which features a totally re-designed operator console. To ensure that we are doing the right things, we launched a small user survey days after the release of the new version. And here comes the result.

Users who took the survey: 1104

Q1: What do you think about the UI of the new version?

  •  Looks better: 76.54%
  • Similar to the previous one: 14.76%
  •  Not so good as the previous one: 8.70%

Q2: What do you think about the usability of the new version?

  • Easier to use: 48.77%
  •  Similar to the previous one: 44.26%
  •  More difficult to use: 6.97%

We can see that most of our users are happy with the new version, though some of them haven’t seen big changes. Here are some user comments I excerpt from the survey results:

Seems easier to navigate and responds faster as well.

I like it very much and believe it’s a huge improvement to previous User Interface.

It is nice looking and easy to use for what I use it for. I like the changes.

Looks really nice. I like the icons of web browsers and Operating systems.

Looks clean and organised.

We have also received some detailed feedback and suggestions with the survey, which are truly valuable. We will roll out an update in the near future to address the most common concerns. Stay tuned!

P.S. Some people might be wondering why we keep investing in the UI instead of introducing some exciting new features. We have thought a lot about this. It’s not an easy choice. Why we finally decided to focus on UI and interaction first? Because it’s something that’s important to each of our users. Take the operator console for example. It’s the place where the live chat operators spend most of their days. A single improvement can mean a big increase of their work efficiency and what’s more important, it will make their life better.

What about the new features? You know, Comm100 Live Chat has already had a lot of powerful features, which are more than enough for most of the users. Introducing a new feature may be great for some users, but may also be totally useless for even more users. Don’t take me wrong. I don’t mean that we are not planning to develop some new features. It’s just a matter of priority. In the coming months, you will see new features such as embedded chat window, API and integration with third-party applications online one by one.

Finally, I want to thank our users (probably including you) for all the feedback. It’s really a treasure! And should you have any suggestions, welcome to share with us. Kudos!